Studio Policies

recital 1


  • Students must have an acoustic piano or full size (88 keys) digital piano with velocity-sensitive keys and damper pedal in their homes.


Because music is an art form to be shared with others, two recitals will be held each year. Participating in performance opportunities is important for musical growth and is expected in this studio.

  • Saturday,  Nov. 11,  Animal Music Festival, Graner Music Store
  • Sunday,  April 22, 2 pm  Ascension Lutheran Church

Other Performance Opportunities

  • Competitive and Non-Competitive Historical Era Festival:  Mar. 3-4


Students are expected to practice 5-6 days per week. One long practice session is not effective.

  • Practice time should equal lesson time. (45 minutes practice for a 45 minute lesson)
  • Practice very soon after a lesson when what has been covered during the lesson is fresh in one’s mind.


  • If you are absent due to illness, travel or extra-curricular activities refunds will not be given. You are welcome to trade times with another student.  Ask for list of students to trade with.
  • If I have cancellations in my schedule I will use that time to make up lessons but do not guarantee that will always be possible.
  • Please inform me of upcoming absences as soon as possible. (719-360-7202)
  • If you are late to your lesson, I will teach the remainder of your allotted time.


Termination of lessons may only take place at the end of a quarter with 2 week’s notice.